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When in Doubt Wear a Denim Jacket

It is so true, when in doubt grab the denim jacket. You can dress them up for date night or throw it on for running to the grocery store. They go with leggings, sweats, shorts, dresses and jeans. A denim jacket is the most versatile item you probably already have in your closet. You can wear it through every season! If you don’t have one yet than you are at the right place. I will share not only some denim jackets but a few ways to style them. Remember these looks are a starting point you can shop your closet for similar items.

Outfit Idea #1

The perfect outfit for running errands and school pick up.


Outfits Idea #2

This look is great for lunch, shopping with girlfriends and weekends.


Outfits Idea #3

Summer nights, or the park with the kids, this look is easy and fun!


Outfit Idea #4

Paired with a fun dress it is perfect for any season.


Outfit Idea #5

Date Night Look


Outfit Idea #6

Casual look that can transition from summer to fall.


Outfit Idea #7

After working out or just running around, leggings pair perfectly with a denim jacket.





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