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The Ultimate College Packing List

Are you running around trying to figure out what to pack for college? I know the feeling, there is so much to think about when getting ready to send your child off to college. It can be overwhelming, sad and exciting all at the same time. When I did it for the fist time last year with my daughter there was a range of emotions, that is why I created The Ultimate College Packing List. They will inevitably forget something but at least having a list to start from will hopefully help guide you. With that I will say having Amazon Prime and Target Same Day Shipping, (get unlimited $35+ deliveries for just $99/year when you start your membership) saved my daughter on more than one occasion, so it is something to consider.

First, figure out your color scheme and overall theme you want for your dorm, it will help with checking some of the things off the list. Dormify is the website my daughter loved and where she got most of her dorm decor.

Below is a copy you can print out.

Here are some ideas that my daughter loved.

Dorm Room

Bathroom & Toiletries


Desk Supplies

Laundry & Cleaning





Sleep Mask


Duffle Bag

Weekener Bag


Extras- These items can be shared with your roommate

Coffee maker

Mini Fridge




Water Filter (Brita)


Phew…thats it! I hope that this post of the ultimate college packing list is helpful and gives you a better idea of what you may need to buy/pack for college.

Moms you can get through this, it will be hard but find friends going through the same thing and remeber FaceTime is easy, it helped me and my daughter get through those rough transitions.





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