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Styling Denim Shorts

I am aware that I am not in my 20’s anymore, and my days of wearing cut-off jean shorts are sadly over. However, I still believe that denim shorts are and should be a closet staple, even as a mom. For me, it is all about choosing the right style, hem, and pieces to match with them. To help you all find the perfect jean shorts to take on the summer heat, I’ve compiled a couple tips I use to make sure I feel fashionable and confident in this denim look.

#1 Inseam

In my opinion, the inseam should be no shorter than two inches, maybe even three if you are closer to my age. A good way to judge this length is by testing if can you sit on the floor and not expose anything.

#2 Style them with more mature pieces

Pair your denim shorts with a button up shirt, kimono, cardigan, or blazer for a more put together look.

#3 When in doubt, go long

If you are unsure about the appropriateness of the denim short, my advice would always be to just go longer. This look is even becoming more in-style as of recent, especially when pair them with a heel or sneaker.

#4 Different styles

Remember, there are so many different styles of jean shorts now. There’s cuffed, ripped, cuffed with rips, raw hems… the combinations are endless! Also, remember the various fits: mom jean, boyfriend, relaxed, button fly, high rise, low rise, and so on.

#5 Basics

Of course, don’t forget the basics! A cute graphic tee, a bodysuit, a cami, and a hoodie will always look great with denim shorts.

Below I have linked some of my favorite denim short looks for some inspiration!




I’ve also compiled some of my favorite pieces to pair with denim shorts! For a fun flirty look, go with a long kimono. For a more sophisticated look, go with a blazer. For a comfy “mom on-the-go look,” pair your denim shorts with a graphic tee and cardigan. Whatever you are feeling that day! The most important part is having fun and expressing yourself.

Here are various denim shorts in different lengths, distress, and inseam. I hope this makes it easier to find what works with your body and lifestyle.



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