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Spanx leggings Styled Multiple ways

Have you made the leap and purchased a pair of the most talked about and best fitting leggings for all body types? The Spanx Leggings are talked about and shared so often but, are they really worth the price tag? In my opinion, hands down, no question, yes! They are comfortable, versatile, and there is no seam in the front. If that isn’t enough, Spanx also has a Power Waistband, that gives you a “flat gut and a great butt.” All of these reasons plus the top quality of these leggings makes them, worth the price. To pay homage to this fall and winter wardrobe staple, I am styling them 15 ways!!

So, grab your pumpkin spice latte or glass of wine and let’s get started!!

#1 Flannel

#2 White Henley

#3 & 4 Poncho & Sweatshirt

#5 Sweater & Flannel

So there it is, 15 looks with one pair of Spanx and five staple pieces!!

Sizing Tip: I am a size 27 or 4 in jeans and according to the sizing chart I would be a small. I size up one and wear a medium. The small fits too but the medium are more comfortable and feel less constricting. They are also available in petite and plus sizes. There is a lot of compression in the leggings and when you first see them you might laugh at how tiny they look. But, they will fit and even though they stretch, they wont stretch out.

Spanx offers many different colors and prints. Another favorite that I own are the Camo.

Below are a few more styles of Spanx. Click on any picture to be taken directly to the item for a closer view or to purchase.




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