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Friday Favorites

We made it to Friday!! I don’t know about you, but it felt like such a looong week. If you didn’t know, we now live in Texas and we are loving it! I share our every day life and our house remodel progress on my instagram. I will also be doing a full blog post on all the details on our cross-country move soon.

Now on to my favorites…

I have been buying a lot of items for our home, so there may be a few more of those than usual.

Books and Beads– This my favorite combo to add to every space. I have cookbooks in the kitchen, fashion books in my room and home books in the family room. I love the color they add and they look so cute stacked. Beads are also easy to throw into a space to add some texture.

Amazon Herb Garden– I’ll be honest, I can’t even keep succulents alive, and this little garden has been so easy to take care of. There is a light that tells you when to feed them and when to water them. I am shocked at how fast they have grown. We have cut and used them several times. They keep growing back full and beautiful. Also, notice I have more books and beads 🙂


Boots– Moving to Texas I knew there would be more rain… So, I needed some boots. These are really comfortable and not stiff around the ankle. They run true to size.


Spanx Joggers– I love my Spanx. I have 4 pairs and recently added the joggers to my collection. They are so cute and can be dressed up or down.

Gold Decor- I am not going all out with the gold because I think it could just be a fad, but I do love it and have been adding pops of it around the house. Here are my recent purchases.

Kitchen Rug– I went back and forth on if I should have two rugs (one in front of the stove and one in front of the sink) or just one big rug. After trying a few out, I liked the one big rug and loved the neutral colors of this one.

Belt Bag– I originally bought the Lulu camo print bag in Hawaii to go on a hike. I loved it so much, that I wanted another color. I wanted a more neutral color to go with other outfits. So, I also purchased another one in grey. Despite it being compact, it holds so much and I love being hands free. It is also perfect for traveling. You can have all the items you need at arms reach without digging around in a big bag.

Make Up Brush – By the time you read this, I will hopefully have found a few more of these. I bought this brush on a whim while out shopping with my daughter, and I love it. My make up goes on so smooth and flawless, it looks like I am not even wearing make up.

February is my birthday month and to celebrate, I want to gift one of you a Lululemon belt bag. To enter engage/follow my instagram posts all month, and be sure to subscribe to my blog.

Cheers to the weekend!


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